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To apply for a position with DHC Well Servicing, fill out the application below.
Alternately, you may send your resumé by e-mail to or stop by our head office.
To contact our hiring team directly, call 587-322-7444.

Frequently Asked Questions

The quickest way to apply is right here ONLINE or to visit us at Head Office.

NO, you do not need experience.

We train on the job so you get the experience right away.

  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Legally eligible to work in Canada
  • Minimum class 5 driver’s license. GDL drivers are not authorized to drive commercial equipment.
  • Willing to work on short notice and away from home
  • Physically fit

You are required to supply your steel-toed boots and hard hat. DHC Well Servicing will provide the coveralls, safety glasses, etc.

DHC Well Servicing runs a semi-monthly pay schedule with paydays falling on the 5th & 20th of the month. If payday falls on a weekend, payroll will deposit the Friday before.

Upon successful hire, we offer:

  • Immediate Comprehensive Health & Dental Plan
  • Immediate Life Insurance
  • Competitive Pay
  • the Opportunity to Join & Advance as Our Team Grows

For more information, speak to the hiring representative during the interview.

All positions in the service rig industry require the following certifications:

  • H2S (Hydrogen Sulphide)
  • Standard First Aid
  • Common Safety Orientation (CSO)
  • TDG

If you are new to the service rig industry, don’t stress – the training related to your new position will be arranged during orientation. 

Our rig crews have five positions: Manager, Driller, Derrickhand, and Sr. & Jr. Floorhands. Shifts typically start with the crew meeting at a central location and driving together to the site. A service rig crew’s typical day is between 4 and 12 hours. Generally, crews live local to the nearest base or rig yard. The crew will live in camps or hotels when the work is in remote areas or away from the base.

We try to accommodate everybody’s schedules, so everyone receives balanced work hours and rest.

In Canada, work in the oil and gas well-servicing industry is seasonal. Service rig equipment is heavy and can only move when the ground is solid. Most wells are drilled or serviced in the winter or summer when the ground is frozen or dry and provides a solid base. During the spring and fall, the ground and most roads can be damaged if heavy equipment runs over the top. For this reason, road bans are issued to prevent heavy equipment from operating in certain areas.

Employees should be prepared to have up to 4 to 6 weeks off during break-up (sometimes longer). Many employees may qualify for employment insurance benefits during this time. If you don’t qualify for unemployment benefits, it is important to save enough money to last during the break.

DHC Well Servicing will have maintenance opportunities for our workers during the break-up period.

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