Key Features

DHC’s service rig fleet includes nine mobile, free-standing rigs with the following key features:

  • Class III, mobile, triple rod, double tubing rigs
  • Class III, mobile, double rod, single tubing rigs
  • Class III, mobile, double rod, double tubing rigs
  • Class II, mobile, single, double rod, single tubing rigs
  • Mast static hook load capacity ranging from 120,000 lb (53378.66 daN) to 225,000 lb (100,085 daN)
  • Mast height ranges from 70 ft (21.34m) to 104 ft (31.699m)
  • All units have mobile doghouses with change rooms, electrical generators & bathroom facilities
  • Dedicated mobile pumps ranging from 21 to 35 MPa pressure rating
  • Skid pumps 35 to 70 MPa pressure rating, capable of a maximum of 2 m3 per minute
  • Pump trucks complete with 35 m3 tanks
  • BOPs cater to requirements of critical sour, class II & class III wells
  • Oil and Gas well workovers and completions
  • Well maintenance
  • High-pressure, critical sour wells
  • Abandonments
  • Production optimization
  • Horizontal and SAGD completions and workovers
  • Customized project
Other Services
  • Boilers
  • Steamers
  • Pumps
  • Light Towers
  • Mobile Catwalks
  • Hot Shot